Collaborations at UPATRAS

We collaborate with the lab of Stavros Taraviras at the Medical School, University of Patras

We are part of:

  • the Molecular Cell Biology Unit and the General Biology Lab of the Medical School, University of Patras
  • the FP7 REGPOT project SEE-DRUG
  • the Thalis Networks StemCycle with the University of Crete and University of Ioannina and GenAge with the IMBB, Crete and the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens
  • Intra-University Network "Research & Applications in Medical Molecular Genetics" - MGN, University of Patras
  • Intra-University Network "Molecular Carcinogenesis", CancerNet, University of Patras

International collaborations

Paul Nurse Royal Society, The Francis Crick Institute and  London Research Institute

Philippe Bastiaens Max Planck Institut of molecular Physiology, Dortmund

John Lygeros Automatic Control Lab, ETH-Zurich

Hideo Nishitani Hyogo University, Japan

Tasos Perrakis Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

Julian Blow Welcome Trust Center, University of Dundee


The SYNTRAIN Network:

International Networks

We are members of the European Light Microscopy Initiative (ELMI) and stakeholders in the ESFRI project Eurobioimaging