To study the endocytosis-dependent integrin turnover at muscle attachment sites in Drosophila embryo  (Vakaloglou et al., 2016), a modified version of easyFRAP (Rapsomaniki et al, 2012) was created to incorporate the mathematical model of Pines et al., 2012. This version allows for the computation of additional quantitative parameters (endocytosis and exocytosis rate constants).

To use the software, first download and install the appropriate version of MATLAB Runtime listed in the Table below, required for standalone applications to run outside Matlab. Then download easyFRAP_betaPSintegrin_XXX.zip (for WIN or MAC) and simply run the application included.

Windows 10 or earlier (64-bit) Mac OS
easyFRAP_betaPSintegrin_WIN.zip easyFRAP_betaPSintegrin_MAC.zip
MATLAB Runtime Version R2016a (9.0.1) MATLAB Runtime Version 2015b (9.0)


If you use the easyFRAP_betaPSintegrin tool please cite:

Vakaloglou KM, Chrysanthis G, Rapsomaniki MA, Lygerou Z, Zervas CG (2016) IPP complex reinforces adhesion by relaying tension-dependent signals to inhibit integrin turnover. Cell Reports 14 (11) 2668-2682.